School Violence

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Violence in Schools Political officials and several different administrations and programs are not facing a new advisory while dealing with school violence. Problems with violence in schools have been reported back as far as the 1950’s. John William’s wrote an article about the increase in serious and not so serious antisocial behavior. Back in the 50’s to 70’s schools and kids were not classified as “violent” like they are now, instead they were considered …

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…Physical Violence-----------------------pg. 2 Definition of Mental Violence-------------------------pg. 3 Contributing factors to violence----------------------pg. 4 Sociological opinions---------------------------------pg. 4 Teacher opinions--------------------------------------pg. 5 Student opinions--------------------------------------pg. 5 Location of Violence----------------------------------pg. 6 Forms of prevention---------------------------------pg. 6-7 Conclusion------------------------------------------pg. 7-8 Bibliography 1. Devine, John, Maximum Security, The Culture of violence in Inner-City Schools, The University of Chicago Press, 1996 2. Goldstein, Arnold, P., School Violence, Prentice-Hall Inc. 1984 3. Hoffman, Allan, M., Schools, Violence, and Society, Praeger Publishers, 1996 4. 5.