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Chris Intro to college writing 107b Mrs. Wieland August 29, 2000 I have very vivid memories of my school lunches, especially the ones that I had in high school. I was the biggest complainer in the world when it came to what I ate. First of all, they were priced way too high. A lunch, with the smallest portions, was two dollars. That I didnít mind, but the extras is what got me. They would charge …

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…to get my second and third lunches for me. I was pretty slick. The quality of the food at school was okay though. I can just taste the steak hoagies and French fries now. All and all the lunches at school werenít that bad. There were some that I didnít care for but most of them I liked. The school cafeteria is really not that bad of a place at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**