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Often, writers want to expose to us an issue that they think is morally unacceptable in our society. There are many methods they can use, including: threats of punishment, stern moral lectures, persuasion, and satire. Satire tries to take a clever and humorous approach to bring about reform in society. It can be found in any form of media, including: literature, artwork, music, television, movies, and theatre. Satire is effective because it exposed ridiculous elements …

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…more effective than a lecture, boring persuasion, etc. Satire encourages people to think again about themselves and their beliefs. Most importantly it shows people their own flaws from a safe distance. People feel removed enough from the literature that they feel as tough they are in on the joke, rather than the butt of the joke. This makes them more apt to make the changes that the author is encouraging, because they are not offended.