Rude Strength

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[T]he bleding continued a while til it migt be sene with avisement. And this was so plenteous to my sight that methowte, if it had be so in kind and in substance for that tyme, it should have made the bed al on blode and a passid over aboute.1    This passage, which I affectionately refer to as "the bloodbath scene," is from Julian of Norwich's description of Christ's bleeding during the Crucifixion as it …

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…in my doctoral program, people who did not yet know me very well. As we talked, I noticed one of the older students watching me with particular attention when I spoke. Obviously amused by the substance and quality of my contributions to the conversation, half-drunk, and trying very hard to condescend to me, he eventually pointed to me across the table and said, "Hey, you're poor, aren't you?"    Yes, well, we all have our faults.