Roosevelt Corollary

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The Roosevelt Corollary was a good natured if misguided document. When President Roosevelt intervened in the Dominican republic his intentions were noble. He was just following the American public's sentiments of the time. The Roosevelt Corollary this was Theodore Roosevelt's "amendment" to the Monroe Doctrine. In 1904, the government of the Dominican Republic was bankrupt, and Roosevelt feared that foreign nations, especially Germany, might intervene forcibly to collect their debts. To keep other powers out, Roosevelt …

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…here, by redefining the Monroe Doctrine, turns out to be very historic and it leads the United States into a period of confrontation with peoples in the Caribbean and Central America. Also into a period of American imperialism in the region. As you can see the Roosevelt Corollary was done with noble intentions, but it only brought about the antithesis of democracy in Central America. The domination of a sovereign land by a foreign power.