Romeo and Juliet.

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When I look at the movie version of Romeo and Juliet by Luhrman, in comparison to the original text, lots of comparisons and comments come to my mind. The question that I want to answer is," Is The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Fate or Fortune?" I mean, was this all of God's Will, or was it that Romeo came upon a string of bad luck? Different people have different opinions about was it fate …

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…wanted to be together, so he used the Friar and Nurse to get them together. But as always, the Devil was busy. He tried to keep Romeo and Juliet apart by keeping Friar John from delivering the letters to Romeo. Therefore when he thought that Juliet was dead, he felt as though he had no choice but to kill himself. So, in conclusion, my thesis is that The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet was fate.