Romeo and Juliet.

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Haste is a major theme shown throughout William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. Many of the characters were impetuous in their actions and as a result, the consequences were tragic. Lord Capulet was too eager in his desire for Juliet's marriage to Paris, which later led to her betrayal. Romeo's rash decision to fall in love with Juliet soon became fatal. Juliet's impulsive decision to avoid marriage ended her own life. Haste effected the tragic …

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…let me die"(V, III, 174-175), leaving "a pair of star-crossed lovers"(prologue 6) dead because of their hastily made decisions. Haste effected this story greatly, bringing about problems and death of the characters. The characters quickly made decisions without finding out all the information and thinking of the future. They did not consider any other possible options and acted impulsively. Lord Capulet, Romeo, and Juliet's haste all led to the tragic ending of the play.