Roman Society

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ROMAN SOCIETY         The changes in the Roman government affected the social classes and rights gradually became more equal among the people of Rome. New laws and new leaders tried to make society become closer in equality through reforms. It was a long and difficult process to be freed or to become a citizen of Rome and not many accomplished it. Plebeians and woman were thought of as worthless citizens in society, but through time they …

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…processes, became closer to equality. All of the social classes went through individual changes. Some, like the patricians, lost more in the end than what they started out with. Others, like non-citizens gained more rights with laws that affected them. Overall, they each were effected by the government of the Roman empire. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1) World History, Patterns of Civilization. New Jersey: Burton F. Beers, 1993 2) Grolier Electronic Publishing, Inc., 1993 3) The World Book Encyclopedia Chicago, London, Sydney, Toronto, 1985