Roman Pantomime

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In assessment of the origins and nature of pantomime in ancient Rome, one will clearly see that the latter two factors are wide and varied. This is due to the collaborative nature of the art as a whole. With a close examination of archaeological, textual and representational evidence one will gain a precise understanding of how the origins, nature and type of audience of the pantomime are interrelated. One will additionally gain inisight into the …

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…of the ‘ballet’ nature of the art. It is also clear through textual evidence that pantomimes had a duel function to be both pleasurable and ultilitarian. This in turn required the pantomimes to be extremely flexible and versatile in their performing. As a result of its nature, pantomime had a more elite audience. As another result of its nature, pantomime was not considered by the authorities as vulgar and lowly as other forms of drama.