Rise And Growth of national states

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RISE AND GROWTH OF NATIONAL STATES FORMATION AND GROWTH OF PRUSSIA EARLY HISTORY OF PRUSSIA. The German Ducy of Brandenberg in north central Europe on the Baltic Sea was a part of the Holy Roman Empire. This was ruled by the Hohenzollern family, a line of rulers, called Electors. Since the 15th Century they had gradually extended their borders. FREDERICK WILLIAM - 1640-1688-THE GREAT ELECTOR. Frederick made Prussia first among the German states. He …

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…of Ulster opposed it, as did the Sinn Fein (shinn fayn) Party, which wanted complete independence. In the midst of the quarrel, World War I broke out and the question was put aside. During the war the Sinn Feiners organized the Easter Rebellion (1916), which was put down by the British. The Sinn Feiners, led by Eamon de Valera (dev-ah-lair-ah), set up an Irish Republic in 1918. For the next three years Irish Republicans and British fought.