Rhtorical Analysis of "Disasters at Clubs" By Fred Bayles and Rick Hampson.

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Rhetorical Analysis of "Disasters at Clubs" "Disasters at clubs" by Fred Bayles and Rick Hampson appeared in the USA TODAY on February 24, 2003, on the cover as part of a two page article on tragedies at clubs. IN Bayles and Hampson's view it's the same case of "too many people, too few exits, and too little time to escape" caused by the improved safety rules not being enforced or observed. The results, as Bayles and Hampson …

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…Hampson's connection to their readers is a multifaceted one because they have a number of premeditated addressees. One is the expansive readership of USA TODAY and consists of numerous people who are no very knowledgeable about the current state of the bars, discos and clubs in their community and may have an unenthusiastic outlook about them. For these readers, it might come as a surprise that two writes would be so critical of a discotheque.