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Critical Review of Battleground In Battleground, Stephen Bates narrates the account of a court case in a small Tennessee town. The court case started with a mother helping her child with a reading assignment. This mother could not believe what she was reading. This motherís name was Vicki Frost, who was a home keeper. Frost went to the school and told the principal what she thought about the books. She believed that the books …

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…there is really no right or wrong to the Frost case. If parents want their children to get a good Christian education, their children will have to be home schooled or sent to a Christian school. I wish this wasnít the case, but of the 1st Amendment it must be this way. Work Cited Hrezo, Margaret. The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Dec. 1990. Pg. 450(1) Levinson, Sanford. Michigan Law Review. May 1994. Pgs. 1873-1892.