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Author Flannery O¹Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia, on March 25, 1925. She was born and raised Catholic, facts that defined her personal faith and helped shape her independent and ironic take on life. According to our textbook, "O¹Connor¹s fiction grapples with living a spiritual life in a secular world"(318). Her novels and stories all involve the theme of religion and questions about spirituality. In fact, in many of her stories, the main character …

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…be more sure of her "virtues." She has become a more dangerous and self-loving person because she now believes that she is not at all racist or elitist. The only thing more dangerous than a person who is a bigot is someone who is a bigot but believes in his or her godliness. This is the type of person Mrs. Turpin has become. She¹s gone from bad to worse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Wilkins. Bob Marley.1982