Resurrection (Tale of Two Cities)

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Throughout A Tale of Two Cities, resurrection was a main theme in the plot. When one thinks of the word 'resurrection', one may think of blood-sucking zombies or creatures back from the dead. Dictionaries define it as such: "the act of rising from the dead." Dickens used it as that, but he added a small twist to it. The first example of this is when Lucie and Mr. Lorry learn of Dr. Manette's imprisonment. After …

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…dignity with revenge. Edgar Allan Poe often described man's greatest fear as being buried alive. In A Tale of Two Cities, prisoners of the Bastille (such as Dr. Manette) and the poor Revolutionist can be considered to be buried alive. Still today, there is no way to prevent this 'class hierarchy.' One day man must learn to bury our differences, and resurrect those who are below the standard 'ground' that we set for ourselves.