Responsible Teachings: Mr. Keatings teachings of 'carpe diem' to the students in The Dead Poets Society.

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Responsible Teaching In the film Dead Poet's Society, directed by Peter Weir, a teacher inspires his students to "seize the day". The students respond to Mr. Keating, the teacher, by restarting his club. The club, Dead Poet's Society, is a place where the students gather late at night and recite poetry. The students become more confident and gain the courage to do things that they normally would not do. The main character, Neil Perry, uses …

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…and never really find out that they did not know at all. This was the case with Mr. Keating's teachings. He knew exactly what he wanted to teach. For some of the students, the teachings paid off. For other students the teachings were disastrous. After Neil's death and Mr. Keating losing his job, the students that did not fully understand Mr. Keating's teachings earlier stood on their desks to show him that they do now.