Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs is a gangster movie with a difference. Instead of the gangsters being portrayed as slick professionals who always stay calm and collected, they are portrayed realistically. Reservoir Dogs is about a group of 5 professional thieves who attempt to rob a jewelry store. However, one of the team, Mr. Orange (played by Tim Roth) is an undercover police officer. After the group enter the jewelry store and employee turns on an alarm and one …

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…thinks about what is happening, it is actually a superb picture. It is important that the viewer looks past the veneer of violence and swearing and looks deeper into the meaning of the film, it is a truly enjoyable and thought-provoking film. Some viewers will have to put aside their standards to tolerate some of the less desirable aspects of the movie, I am sure that any discerning viewer will gain from watching Reservoir Dogs.