Research Methods: 'My Intellectual Autobiography'. This assignment discusses what influences come to bare on a historian when they interpret History, I give my own influences as example.

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'My Intellectual Autobiography.' As historians we have to remember that historical knowledge cannot be objective, although the Positivists would have us believe otherwise. This is because they believe that historians should strictly segregate fact and value, which is impossible. The reasons are that the assumptions and attitudes of historians themselves influence their interpretation of history. Our life experiences, values and beliefs influence the way in which we research and piece together evidence. Historians are …

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…many factors that an historian has to be aware of before embarking on any research. Nevertheless this does not lead to the conclusion that historical knowledge is therefore arbitrary, only that our values and assumptions must be carefully assessed, as imagination is an integral part of re-creating the past, so no two historians are going to have the same response to their material. We are all individuals and life influences each one of us differently.