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Renaissance.(meaning: rebirth) 1st Phase *The renaissance period (14th -16th century) witnessed remarkable changes in many aspects of Italian society. *The renaissance refers to politics, government, art, and social organisation. *This renaissance occurred in 2 stages; 1st stage being from 1050 to 1300 where there was a vast economic development. The 2nd phase being from 1300 to 1500 where there was a vast artistic development. *By the mid 12th century, due to huge merchant marines, Venice had grown enormously …

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…and the violent. She is shown as a repentant saint on old age where the beautiful woman has been withered but her soul has been saved for her denial of physical beauty. Donatello's originality, independence and insight into the meaning of religious experience are asserted here and he re interprets medieval material in his own terms. He can be described as a man with vast versatility that distinguishes the great artist from the good artist.