Religious fanaticism

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An Analysis of Moliere’s Satirization of Social Issues A man, or rather a demon in flesh and inhabited as a man, the most notably impious creature and libertine who ever lived throughout the centuries, has had the impiety and abomination to bring forth from his devilish mind a play [Tartuffe]…He deserves for this sacrilegious and impious act…to be burned at the stake as a foretaste of the fires of hell. Pierre Roulle (1664) …

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…of religion, the loss of power over one’s own family, and the violation of the guest-host bond is threatening to the audience for which this play was written, it was necessary for Moliere to have the villain fail and the family win. After aggressively satirizing the aforementioned issues throughout the play, Moliere chose to end his play with the typical comedy ending—and a wedding in the air and the villain going to jail.