Religion in the Middle Ages

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Religion in the Middle Ages The Middle Ages was an era that extended from approximately the fifth century to the fifteenth century in Western Europe. It was a time of change like many other periods in our history. With careful reading, I have come to realize that the lives of many people in the Middle Ages were highly influenced by religion, especially Christianity, and reflected their beliefs and moral values. The Gothic cathedral symbolized the …

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…using religion, they gave themselves something to have faith in, and with faith, they believed one could reach a feeling of inner majesty like God. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.) Matthews, Roy T., and Platt, F. Dewitt. The Western Humanities. 3rd Ed. Mountain View: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1998. (Ch 10) 2.) Jacobsen, Aaron H. "Middle Ages, Art and Architecture of The." The New Book of Knowledge. Danbury: Grolier Incorporated, 1987. 3.) The Middle Ages. Yahoo! Internet Web site. Http://