Red River

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The movie I decided to watch was Red River, produced and directed in 1948 by Howard Hawks. It starts out with John Wayne who stars as Tom Dunson, and Montgomery Clift as Matt, his discovered and kind of adopted son. The old west at this point is depicted as every man is responsible for his own destiny and that hard work and honesty will eventually bring success. The main character Dunson is a perfect role model …

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…cowboys. Matt and his men finally arrive at Abilene, Kansas, with the cattle herd. Where he and the hotly pursuing Dunson fight it out to resolve any conflicts they may have had over the years. Gunplay and fistfights resolve all conflicts (per the movie, where might is right), and Matt's new girlfriend cheerfully reconciles them. The fundamental theme is replayed when Dunson gives Matt half of the ranch after concluding that he "has earned it."