Recent Developments in HIV Studies.

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Ricky Lopez Speech 1311.02 10/14/02 Title: Recent Developments in HIV Studies Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about recent developments in HIV studies. Introduction: Did you know that women have gone from being 41% of the HIV population to being 47% in only one year, last year - 2001. Did you know that in the last year women have counted to be five to six more times the amount of men who are newly infected? No wonder there's been such …

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…correct those who tell you myths or incorrect knowledge. 2. Get tested and protect yourself - There are many places that offer free HIV testing, including Planned Parenthood. 3. Volunteer with the Local AIDS Council - for donating time, money, clothing, or food. I hope you have all learned alot this morning and will put it to good use. Remember to always play safe, the more you know the safer you and others are. Thanks for listening!