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Rebecka 1) Is ”Rebecka” a suitable name of the the book? Why?/Why not? Another name? Why is it called Rebecka? Yes, I think it´s the perfect name of the book since everything, every subject is circulating around her. Her name characterizes the book so well. Rebecka doesn´t leave too much of a space for other things in the book, even though she´s dead. 2) What does people think about Rebecka? Does everybody like …

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…afraid of death. Her smile was a sign of her gain, the aftermaths was a token that showed who won the game. Rebecka … X) Who set the fire? I think that that Mrs Danvers set the fire but she probably told Fawell and he was most certainly in on it but Mrs Danvers set the fire. She possesed most negative energy and hate than any character in the whole. Betraid and shocked in thousands ways.