Reading Report of Profiles in Courage by JFK

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Profiles In Courage - John F. Kennedy Profiles In Courage ó Summary Profiles In Courage is a collection of short stories about acts of courage in politics. An entire summary of the book would actually be eight different summaries of eight different people. So, I have chosen one of the eight different stories to base this report on. I am going to summarize, quote, and reflect on the story of Edmund G. Ross. It was 1868 when …

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…it to be. It wasnít a book that I would have been likely to pick up and read simply because I wanted to. It was a book that I would expect to be given as an assignment by my school. Even so, I did benefit from it in at least two ways. First, I now have a somewhat larger vocabulary. Second, I now have a greater appreciation for our government and itís operation.