Racial Propaganda in the Third Reich

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Racial Propaganda during the Third Reich One of the most central ideals in Nazi ideology was that of a continual attack against other races deemed inferior by Adolf, more specifically Jews. Racial minorities were used as scapegoats with which the Nazis blamed for what was wrong with the country on. In the speeches to the masses at Nazi rallies, they would start off by bringing up all the problems that they have been having, the …

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…operation “to rid the world of the epidemic of Jewish domination” (1). This of course was the Germans undoing, which came to a head on D-Day. Although there were many facets to Nazi ideology and culture, none were as violent and deceitful as the racial propaganda. It was because of this fundamental hatred towards minorities that the Holocaust was allowed to take place. Works Cited 1 “Racial Policy” http://www.calvin.edu/academi/cas/gpa/rassenpo.htm