Quality control processes of the cuban cigar industry.

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INTRODUTION............. This project is about identifying the control process of a Caribbean company analysing them to see if there meet an acceptable standard. The company I choose was Hoyo de Monterrey a cigar making company of Cuba. Originally a leaf growing company (tobacco) and eventually one of the greatest Cuban cigars factories on the Island of Cuba, began producing the great Hoyo de Monterrey brand in 1960. There cigars are known for its high quality. This …

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…is left to chance. The works take pride in there work. The fact of the matter is what these methods used by Hoyo de Monterrey when there were establish, and these are the methods which have made Hoyo de Monterrey cigars a world class brand, so these methods do work and work very well. BIBILOGRAPY ""Hoyo de Monterrey" Cuba's Greatest Cigar" composedwritten Hoyo de Monterrey Inc. Mr Pedro Hernandez export manager of Hoyo de Monterrey.