Putnam's "Bowling Alone"

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Putnam's "Bowling Alone" is about the trend of disengagement that is currently occurring all across America. I read the book a few years ago and remember that he provided statistical data on how America's are becoming less engaged in social and religious activities. Although the workplace may have some contribution to these numbers, Putnam pointed out that women in the workplace, commuting, television, and single parents are all culprits contributing to the disengagement trend. Let's …

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…at maintaining the "bowling" persona. I know many corporations that participate in volunteer activities, sponsor company picnics, formal and informal dinners, etc. But as stated before, some of the corporate and government policies are in need of reform. Still, while social institutions have work to do, America's families, for the most part, are entering the new millennium with far more resources, technological innovation, and hopes and equal regard for all family members than ever before.