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During The 1960's many protests and revolts took place. Activist leaders started out with nonviolent protests and ended up battling police and administrations violently. Although one would recommend nonviolent protests over violent protests, during the 60's violent revolts were more common and more effective. <Tab/>In October 1967, 200 Kent State students marched in a nonviolent protest at the Pentagon. The two leaders of the Kent State activists were Howie Emmer and Jim …

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…Powrie had the right idea of protesting and preaching his views of antiwar nonviolently, others such as Black Panther Frank Cleveland and Howie Emmer used violence as a means to get their points across. It is safe to say that the violent protests opened the eyes of the uniformed students and the ignoring government. If the government responded effectively to the nonviolent protests/revolts and handled issues of drafting students, fewer protests would have happened.