Proof of why Money has had a detrimental factor on the lives of characters in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations.

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When you think about money, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Obtaining everything you want- no matter the cost. When you hear someone described as being rich, what kind of person would you think they were? Proud... cruel... greedy... selfish- all common answers. What is it that draws people to money? The fame... the status... being in control... fulfilling all of your desires. Some of the most famous people of this …

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…d Pip. Things are not always as good as they seem. Pip is the only one who truly learns this and is able to leave his frivolous spending habits and longing for happiness behind. Although it has taken him the good part of his life to learn that money often is the root of unhappiness, he moves on with his life in search of better times away from the pain that fortune has brought him.