Producing Marisol

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Producing Marisol Marisol, a play written by Jose Rivera, is the play I enjoyed reading the most this semester. Rivera, one of the leading contemporary Latin American playwrights, writes with an image. After reading Marisol, I came away with a very specific picture of what Rivera had in mind. He easily combines the realistic moments of life, the dangers of the Bronx, dealing with an emotionally unstable young man, Lenny, and the friendships developed with …

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…play requiring some very specific elements from the designers in order to stay true to the author's image. This unnerving image of reality gone wrong in a pre-apocalyptic world carries the audience through the play by being close to them and dragging the audience into his vision too. Bibliography Rivera, Jose. "Tape" Humana Festival '93: The Complete Plays.Ed. Marisa Smith. Smith and Kraus:1993. 211-218. Rivera, Jose. Marisol. New York, NY: Dramatist's Play Service, Inc, 1999