Prevailing Themes in Swamp Gravy

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Prevailing Themes in Swamp Gravy Cera D. Ridley Honors Seminar October 12, 1999 Dr. Lawson South Georgians from different backgrounds, sharing various experiences in life, all have a story to tell. Swamp Gravy portrays these real life stories with a unique staging technique, allowing the audience to be involved and participate during the performance. The play illustrates folk life in the past and celebrates the way things use to be when life was simple. The stories told …

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…attained a close relationship with God and sought a relationship with his younger sister that Harvey became truly happy. The various scenes and stories in the play reflect the folk life of South Georgia in the past. The play's themes of death, family, and relationships support the real life situations that compose this drama. Swamp Gravy allows one to observe folk life and folkways and appreciate, as well as cherish, the past of South Georgia.