"Prayer before birth" by Louise Macneice and "Baby Song" by Thom Gunn.

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Louis MacNeice's and Thom Gun's poems use the first voice to look at birth through babies' eyes. They help us see that babies, unborn or newborn, are living but powerless beings. They can think and feel but cannot make decisions or changes in their lives. MacNeice's piece is burdened with desperate pleas from the womb for a chance to live while Gunn's poem takes on a lighter tone towards a newborn's protest to leaving the …

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…may fight it... "But I won't forget that I regret". And eventually, all that is left of the memory of the womb may exist only in the baby's dream. Both poems revolve around the subject birth and give thought to life. The main difference is that MacNeice's poem is meant to evoke a response or perhaps provoke the reader to action while Gunn's poem only wants to share a response of a baby at birth.