Postmodernism and the works of Rosaldo, Dumont, and Derrida describing the theory of postmodernism in cultural change.

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With the end of colonialism and the emergence of a seemingly new world order, there raised a demand that research be useful and relevant, indicating that knowledge for its own sake was insufficient. As a result of this, what emerged was a new focus on 'development' and 'modernization' in the form of postmodernism. In these changing times, anthropology has come into contact with a variety of evolving concepts, including hybridity, montage, fluidity, and deconstruction. The …

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…much would critical thinking be facilitated if we had something compare with and be critical about? Any interpretation of culture is worth looking at because, since a human thought it up, it's within our realm of study. As Rosaldo writes, "the truth of objectivism---absolute, universal, and timeless--- has lost its monopoly status" (Rosaldo, 490). The goal now is to find a reflexive, self-critical medium between objectivism and self-indulgence. I feel like we might actually get there.