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The notorious Campbell's soup can painting- Was Andy Warhol a great artist fighting materialism or was it trite radical realism unworthy of artistic critical review? This style of art, known as Pop Art, was coined by the English critic Lawrence Alloway in 1958 (Web museum, 1). The pictorial themes of Pop Art are motivated by every day life ("Pop Art", 1). Some of the most common icons include: ice-cream, seven-up, Pepsi-cola, tooth paste, canned soup, cigarettes, and match …

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…was subordinated to the interest of art. It is conceptual. Pictures become things and things become pictures. Furthermore, Pop Art can be seen in conjunction with any other realism in the history of art whose aim was to give a routine, harmonious appearance to the contradictions and absurdities of the material world ("A Retrospective", 1). In conclusion, while many see it as superficial and trivial, Pop Art is still deserving of its' place in art history.