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OIL POLLUTION AND ITS EFFECT ON WILDLIFE" Contamination of the oceans by oil spillage is not a rare occurrence. It is happening all over the world every day, fouling coastlines, killing animals and destroying fisheries. In 1987, more than 3.5 million tons of oil were released into the oceans around the world. Out of that only 28 percent of the spillage was accidental; the remaining 72 percent was deliberate, illegal actions. The sources of oil spillage were: 1. Washing tanks …

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…sea. If they had stricter policies dealing with this activity this may be avoided. Every year, a large amount of oil is spilled throughout the North Sea through the dumping of petroleum products, both on land and in the sea. A lot of oil is released by sewers and rivers. We can help and reduce oil pollution by returning used motor oil for recycling rather than pouring it down the drain or burying ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**