Political Fumble: The War Measures Act, the implications of the institution of the war measures act of 1970 by former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

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Political fallacies are a prominent aspect of the Canadian political landscape, from John A. Macdonald?s railway scandal, to the recent significant underestimation of the gun registry cost. In each case the initial policy framework attempts to combine personal political ambitions with political policy, a mixture which proves to be insoluble to public approval. In the 1960?s, Canada was introduced to a new type of political leader, a person who was not afraid to mix …

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…homes raided without any documentation, compromising the legal integrity of Canada. Also, politically the War Measures Act did not benefit the federalist cause whatsoever. Not only did Canada?s reputation was damaged through this act, its symbol as a strong and true democracy was compromised and the memory of the act remains a nightmare in the minds of a number of Canadians to this very day and not necessarily as a result of the FLQ.