Police Racism: Fact or inner city demagoguery.

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Does police racism exist or is there something else at work hitherto unacknowledged by those who are affected the most, the black citizens of crime ridden inner cities? In April of 2001, a riot broke out in the black neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio. The spark was the shooting by a white police officer, Stephen Roach, of an unarmed 19-year-old black male, Timothy Thompson, who was wanted on 14 warrants for traffic offenses and fleeing the …

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…to put responsibility into perspective. The CITIZENS of Over-the-Rhine already know this, of course, and there are many fine, wonderful people there. What can the white population take home and use? To be sure, the white citizens of Cincinnati have learned their lesson well. Most have opened their eyes to what is happening only a few blocks away. No longer do they simply relegate the problems of others to their race. They listen very raptly.