Play response:Pirandello's "6 Char. in Search of an Author"--incls: Title-Author-Nationality-Period and Setting-Synopsis-Unique Elements of Playwright's Style

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Title: Six Characters in Search of an Author Author: Luigi Pirandello Nationality: Sicilian Period and Setting: in a theatre during present times (or 1922 if wanting to be historically accurate, but it is meant to be modern, present day) Synopsis: A cast and crew of theatre people are getting ready to rehearse a Pirandello play when they are interrupted by a group of people claiming to be "characters" whose author has refused to give them life …

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…enactment, the boy and little girl lie dead and the step-daughter takes off and runs away, leaving the cast and crew to figure out what was real and what was pretense. Unique Elements of Playwright's Style: His constant themes of the stability of art versus the instability of reality, the idea of theatre within the theatre, and the idea of social masks and pretense and the rejection of realities that are too hard to bear.