Plato's Euthyphro

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Euthyphro Plato’s Euthyphro is an obscure dialogue conversation that attempts to unveil an ideal meaning or definition of piety (holiness). The purpose of this paper as a whole is to analyze shifts or transitions, as to where definitions of piety are being made. Furthermore, it will attempt to capture the circular pattern of their conversation while attempting to define piety. Each attempt to define the meaning is captured in a series of succinct definitions …

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…to, and beg from, the gods” [14d]. This final definition clearly indicates that piety is something that the gods receive from man. The offerings of thankfulness and outward respect to them are things which Euthyphro believes are dear to the gods. Thus, making what is dear to the gods pious. The definition of what pious and impious was never answered. Plato never receives the knowledge of the divine and must confront his prosecutor with ignorance.