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Carceri D'Invenzione - print 11, second edition This intaglio print was made by Giovanni Battista Piranesi in the 1760’s. It was the eleventh in a series of fourteen, entitled ‘Carceri D’invenzione’, or ‘Prison of Creation’. Piranesi had much architectural influence, his father being a stonemason and brother an architect. The prison scene was a relatively common subject in surviving designs for eighteenth century stage sets. Examples of this can be found in the drawings of …

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…depth, and seems to accentuate the idea of a prison in its seemingly dirty appearance. The line of the work is also an important aspect. It is rather expressive and definite, which outlines the architectural nature of Piranesi’s work. The combination of the main design elements of tone, line and perspective, give an intensely effective overall appeal. It is doubtful that the ruins of Rome will ever again be so emotionally and ingeniously represented.