Picasso's Guernica

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GUERNICA Considered to be one of the most influential artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, transformed the way artists see the world through his exploration of forms in Cubism. One of Picasso’s most prolific works, "Guernica", intensely combines rich visual imagery as well as powerful symbolism to successfully convey the plight of war in a universal manner and could also be considered as one of the most important paintings in the 20th century. "…

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…The simple fact that Picasso does not down play the image of human suffering, allow the viewer to understand the social plight. It doesn’t matter if the viewer understand art or its process. "Guernica" transcends all boundaries. "Guernica" changes art by not only being a depiction of visual relevance, but also of social relevance. Art is a means of communication , a composition of ideas and not a carbon copy of what the artist sees.