Pharmsim Simulation Paper. This paper shows, how to implement the marketing strategies in Pharmsim simulation.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I. Mission Statement All-star Brands Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of packaged goods in the world. The Pharmaceutical Division manufactures and markets both ethical and over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help improve human health. The mission of All-star is to provide both the consumer portion of the market, with products that help improve human health and also the internal environment of All-star. We are striving to produce cutting edge remedies for the …

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…market and the strategic planning that is in place for each respective company. All-star will be able to plan accordingly, with a thorough analysis of specific surveys such as the market segmentation, correlation between shelf space and retailer support, and the brand awareness of All-round. Hopefully by eliminating some of the mistakes that we made and with some thoughtful planning we can work together as a team and claim our spot as the industry leader.