Persuasive essay on the right to choose an abortion. Support for argument includes physical and emotional aspects. Scientific studies cited.

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In the past thirty years, the issue of abortion has prevailed as possibly the most controversial health issue facing our nation. Within the issue clear sides can be drawn. Activists on either side are highly organized, pummeling the public with proof that abortion is either wrong or right. Stripped down, the abortion argument becomes a dispute between those who perceive the unborn fetus to be viable human life and likewise abortion as murder, and those …

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…with abortion. As a country founded on principles of personal rights, a woman's right to an abortion must be protected. Scientific, moral, and political evidence all favor the safety and practicality of legal and available abortion. So strong is women's need to terminate certain pregnancies that they resort to unsafe and painful abortions wherever safe and legal abortions are not available. It is up to our nation to protect women's right to her own body.