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Malina Patrick Persuasion Homework Assignment #2 Dr. Kenneth Haught February 23, 2000 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2 For this homework assignment, I was asked to create or find two examples of persuasion, and explain the examples using the vocabulary found in chapter 6 of the text The Art and Science of Persuasion by Deirdre D. Johnston. The two examples that I will be discussing were found in The Dickinson Press, Tuesday, February 15, 2000 issue. One was taken out of the “Opinion” section of …

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…print. This tactic was used as a distraction tool. I don’t think many consumers would take the time to break out the magnifying glass to figure out the exceptions to the sale. In my opinion, this was an excellent example of structural strategy persuasion. The persuasive statement was stated, used techniques to entice consumers, and presented a two-sided argument to the statement. This is a classic textbook case of how persuasion should be presented.