Personal experiences with interpersonal skills.

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I have many run-ins with interpersonal problems. I have confronted such people as backstabbers, know-it-alls and, martyrs. In my past job I had to deal with such employees in the front end of a grocery store. I had troubles in the beginning on dealing with each type of person. As time went along I grew accustomed to dealing with them. I dealt with backstabbers in a delicate manner. I had one employee after my job. …

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…work place and in everyday life. I am just taking them one at a time and thinking about my next step before I leap into a solution to the problem. Interpersonal skills are tricky but an essential part of the work place. You must all get along and do what is best for the customer. This is a never-ending process and I know I will experience more as my work continues in the hospitality field.