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Pericles, a Greek Statesman, was the leader of the Athenian government for 30 years (Age of Pericles). Pericles was born into a noble family in Athens. His mother was a niece of Cleisthenes, a statesman who had made many democratic reforms in the Athenian government. After Cleisthenes’ death Pericles was determined to continue the reforms of his great-uncle and entered politics with the democratic popular party led by Ephialtes. Pericles and Ephialtes worked together to limit …

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…Athenian settlements and its port. He also established the first true Democratic government. Pericles greatly influenced the development of the entire world. If it were not for him, most governments in the world would probably resemble the Roman Republic. Also, the culture of the world would be less developed, for the Athenian culture was developed greatly under the rule of Pericles, as a result Athens was one of the main cultural centers of the world.