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Passover According to the book of Exodus, over 3000 years ago the Egyptians ruled by the Pharaoh Ramses II controlled the Israelites (Jews) through slavery. During this time a shepherd by the name of Moses was informed by God to bring a message to the pharaoh and demand the freedom of the Israelites. The pharaoh ignored the word of God and Moses to release his people from freedom. Moses warned the pharaoh that God would punish …

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…the Prophet. During this time the front door of their home is left open to invite the Prophet inside. During the celebration of Passover the Jewish people put a great emphasis on the children being involved. During the Sedar the youngest child answers the four questions asked at Passover. He answers why they only eat matzoh on Pesach, why they eat bitter herbs, why they dip their foods, and why they lean on a pillow.