Passage to Manhood - Comparing and contrasting 2 texts

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By reading a certain print texts, readers are manipulated into accepting or rejecting additional texts. The short story “The Altar of the Family” written by Michael Welding shares many comparisons with the feature article “Boys to Men” written by Stephen Scourfield, and by reading one the reader can make clear understanding of the other. Symbolism, genre and certain values and attitudes are present in both the texts and will be further examined in the following …

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…reading of other texts. By reading “The Altar of the Family” a reader is presented with a boys struggle to gain manhood, his “rite of passage”. This ideology is portrayed in greater detail in the feature article “Boys to Men” therefore the reader is shaped into accepting the viewpoints of both authors. This is clear evidence to show that a readers understanding of particular print texts is shaped by his/her reading of other texts.