Paralytic - Sylvia Plath

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Paralytic: Poetry From The Brink Silvia Plath has always been famous. She was a very open poet who wrote with so much confession, she became almost like a soap opera. Her life was a constant bout with suicide and the readers loved to watch. After one of her first suicide attempts, which is included in The Bell Jar, a novel later written by Plath, she was admitted into McLean Hospital. The poem "Paralytic" more than …

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…a story of a time that Plath spent in a mental hospital in which her views are represented. She is paralytic because she cant do what she wants to do. She has no control and cant move. Other people control her body now. This poem is a very fine representation of Plath's work. She is a wonderful poet who's work was only enhanced by her experiences, especially those which have been described here, in "Paralytic".