Palm Economy: Future of Palm Inc.

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Palm Economy Personal digital assistants allow mobile users to manage a variety of tasks such as schedules, contacts, and business information. Personal digital assistants that were launched between 1989 and 1994 all had quick deaths. This inspired Jeff Hawkins to introduce PalmPilot in 1996. He wanted to make a personal digital assistant that was fast and easy. PalmPilots quickly attained a dominant share of the personal digital assistant market. US Robotics acquired Hawkins company Palm Computing in 1995 and …

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…biggest player in the personal digital assistant industry and can become the next "Microsoft" of that industry if their strategic plan for the future is well thought out. Finally, looking at Palm Inc.'s balance sheets and consolidated statements, the company has grown dramatically in past and has the capability to experience the same growth well into the future provided smart R&D investments and giving consumers a product which they will highly value.